The Tree of Love Philosophy


The historical figure of Ramón Llull, his work, thought and influence are the most
most relevant contributions to universal culture over the centuries. The work Tree of the Love Philosophy was composed in Paris in October 1298, during the second stay that Llull spent there. In it he expounds the necessity of linking knowledge to love, and at the same time of using intelligence and will with harmony and balance.
The scheme structuring the Tree of Love Philosophy is, as its name indicates, a tree composed of seven parts, each of which
divides into three subsections from which arise series of sentences or proverbs and narrative units.


❖ Gothic bookish script.
❖ Size of the work: 240 x 182 mm.
❖ 110 two-column pages with seven full-page illustrations.
❖ Special aged vellum paper.
❖ Sheets assembled, folded, and sewn by hand.
❖ Study volume of the work.
❖ Presented in an elegant slipcase.


98 fogli che comprendono 55 disegni a penna, arricchiti da tocchi di pigmenti di color rosso, ocra e giallo.
Formato del volume: 300 x 195 mm.
Fogli assemblati, piegati e cuciti a mano.
Rilegatura in pelle su supporto ligneo.
Carta speciale in pergamena invecchiata.
L’originale è conservato nella Biblioteca di Berlino.
Tiratura unica e limitata di 995 esemplari, numerati e certificati mediante atto notarile.

Patrimoni d’Arte detiene un’esclusiva tiratura limitata in Italia di 99 esemplari.