The Soul of the Eternal Poet


The artist Maurizio Carnevali sculpted the face of the Supreme Poet Dante, inspired by his funeral mask; the latter has always been preserved by the Italian Dante Society in a showcase of the library in the Palagio dell'Arte della Lana. In the past it was believed that this was the real funeral mask of the Great Poet, but some studies have shown that it is a copy made in 1483 by Pietro and Tullio Lombardo. The face almost literally comes out of the book, creating a contrast with its own being: the death mask seems, in fact, to come to life.

Carnevali sculpts next to the face the two symbols that are most reminiscent of the Divine Comedy: an angel and a demon; in fact, the poet narrates an imaginary journey through the three otherworldly realms (Hell, Purgatory, Paradise) that will lead him to the vision of the Trinity.

Two other symbols characterize the front of the sculpture, the two coats of arms of the cities where he was born and died: Florence and Ravenna. Finally, on the back are engraved three of the women met by the poet along his journey: Matelda, the Virgin Mary and Beatrice.


Similar bronze sculpture (oxidation and resin patination) with antique gold effect glaze, oxidized green.
Artist: Maurizio Carnevali.
Wooden support.

A unique and limited edition of 99 pieces..