Anatomy Drawings


The "marvelous human machine" fascinates Leonardo’s artist and scientist soul, who decides to deepen the studies of Artistic Anatomy, that of muscles and bones to the studies of internal organs. The Genius will also give impulse to the Anatomo-Physiology researches, thanks to the studies on the movements of the body. Finally, after the analysis of the senses, of the nervous system, circulatory, urinary and reproductive apparatus, Leonardo will achieve the Pathological Anatomy, considering the modifications produced in the body with age and even studying the causes of death.

The first publication of the Windsor Anatomical Sheets will be edited by Teodoro Sabachnikoff only at the end of the 19th century; the collection, made up of about 600 drawings, is so named for its location at Windsor Castle, among the royal collections of the Queen of England. In addition to the anatomical studies, the collection also illustrates a series of geographical maps, studies of horses and caricatures. .


Technique: sculpture of paper.
Format: various.
Print: color on Arcoprint 85 gr.
Number of drawings: 20.
Ligature: loose sheets without binding.
Packaging: Exhibitor in plexiglass created ad hoc, within which you can insert a print as you like.
Commentary: attached to the work, transcription of the manuscript text on the back of an additional 20 drawings printed in color on coated paper 250 gr.
Circulation: limited to 99 copies, certificate of guarantee and numbering.