Leonardo da Vinci
Architect of the Universe


Patrimoni d'Arte, in collaboration with Millennium Liber, joins the celebrations of the V Centenary of the disappearance of the Great Vinciano Genius with a prestigious edition of engravings on fine paper that enclose the plastic works of Cuban artist Felipe Alarcón, inspired by the exciting life of Leonardo and his sublime works and inventions.

Subsequently, the El Mono de la Tinta workshop, with over eighteen years of experience in the field, translates these precious originals into the language of engraving.
The result of this combination of experiences is an explosion of sensations that involve the senses of sight and touch and aim to create emotions in the sensitive collector who knows how to appreciate art in all its dimensions.



The work includes 10 original engravings representing the relationship that Leonardo had with different arts and artistic techniques; made in large format (50x70 cm) on fine paper Zerkall Artrag 310 gr 100% cotton and cut by hand.
An explanatory and evocative text for each image..
An explanatory and evocative text for each image.
10 Folders including the engraving and text alluding to its section, embossed stamped.
An embossed stamp for each engraving that identifies the publisher and as a guarantee of quality and authenticity.
The notarial deed that certifies the originality of the work is attached.
Plexiglass display stand, to present a print of your choice.

Italian limited edition of Patrimoni d'Arte of 49 copies.