The Gift of Love

This artwork mirrors our wish to realise a work of art that could symbolize the theme of Love and Family, two values that are losing their importance with the passing of time and due to our busy daily lives.
This collection wants to instill the joy of pure and true love, which can be found in 5 important moments or people in everyone’s lives: the Kiss, Maternity, Family, Grandparents and Our Life Together. These are featured in five lithographies and accompanied by poems and quotes from famous artists, such as Pablo Neruda, Victor Hugo, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Leo Buscaglia. Each lithography has a blank page on the side, so that the owner of the collection can fill it in with photos or writing. It all comes in a stylish red folder.


  • Dono d’Amore (The Gift of Love) is divided in different sections contained in a stylish red folder.
  • Format: 34,5 cm x 34,5 cm (13,3 in x 13,3 in).
  • The front of the folder is decorated with a bronze-glazed resin low relief depicting two hands together, as a symbol of union.
  • Artwork by Maurizio Carnevali.
  • Limited edition of 49 folders certified by the artist who signed and numbered each one of them.
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