Textos Astronomicos


The manuscript is kept at the National Library in Berlin, and it is catalogued as

“Codex of astronomical and astrological texts”. It is a collection of texts

of astronomy and astrology, in gothic font, written and illustrated

during the second half of 1300s in French or Flanders.

The author remains unknown, but it must have been someone with a deep knowledge of science

and its communal use. It is thought that the manuscript belonged to the prince

Frederick William I, and only arrived in Berlin in 1997.

The astronomical codex consists of 12 folios, which make a total of 24 pages, and a sextet of 11 cm x 15,5 cm (6 in x 4,3 in).

It is written in gothic font. The parchment paper is decorated with 43 illustrations depicting the orientation quadrant,

the Zodiac signs and the astrological houses, days and hours of the week with an almanac,

names of stars and ptolemaic constellations, month tables indicating celestial or atmospheric phenomena, and an astrolabe.


The codex is printed on parchment paper, aged and stiffened.

The folios, trimmed to mirror the original copy, are sewn together by hand.

The binding is in red leather, with a gold pressed astrological symbol.

Limited edition of 995 volumes, all numbered and notarised.

Codex and commentary booklet come in a velvet lined case.


The original, dating back to the 11th-12th century, is kept at the National Library of Berlin.

Format: 11 cm x 15,5 cm (6 in x 4,3 in)

24 pages

Printed on aged parchment

Hand sewn and folded folios

Leather binding on wooden support

Volume of historical, artistic and paleographic interest

It comes in a stylish case

Limited edition of 995 volumes, all numbered and notarised

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