Leonardo’s Codex on the Flight of Birds

In the early 1500s, Leonardo was focused on the study of flight and on the project of a new flying machine. The artist was considering the idea of writing a treatise on the science of flight, dividing it in 4 chapters, and that would illustrate his most ambitious challenge: building a flying machine to allow men to fly.

In folio 3r of the manuscript, Leonardo writes: “Divide the treatise on birds into 4 books: the 1st on the flight maintained by beating the wings; the 2nd on flight without beating wings, maintained by the wind; the 3rd about flight common to birds, bats, fish, animals, insects; the 4th about instrumental motion.””.

Nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of the facsimile edition, and the philatelic issues of the Face of Leonardo and the Last Supper , enrich a work of art that already has an important place in the history and culture of Italy.

Limited edition of 499 numbered volumes, with certificate of authenticity and guarantee.


  • Format: 210 mm x 150 mm (8,2 in x 5,9 in)
  • Technique: sculpture on paper.
  • Printing: in colour on Arcoprint 85 gr paper.
  • 40 pages:to include front and back cover
  • Binding: the manuscript has no binding, as in the original copy
  • Case: handmade in authentic italian leather
  • Commentary: printed in colour, with handmade leather binding
  • Accessories:Also comes with a San Leucio silk cloth
  • Finishing accessories: hand finished
  • Guarantee: certificato di autentiticità e numerazione
  • Limited edition : of 499 copies
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