La Misericordia

The wish of all of us at Patrimoni d’Arte was to create a work of art specifically related to the theme of mercy, which was at the heart of the Extraordinary Jubilee: “La Misericordia” low relief.

This low relief is carved in thala beige by Maurizio Carnevali. The intent was to impress, on stone and in the observer’s souls, the sentiment of understanding and forgiving any mistakes with serenity and goodwill.

The low relief illustrates the encounter between Jesus and an adulterer woman, who was taken to him byscribes and Pharisees, also portrayed in the artwork. These men wanted to try Jesus by taking this woman to him, hoping he would forgive her and therefore prove his disobedience to the Law of God.

The Pharisee portrayed in the low relief are ready to condemn the adulterer and to punish her by throwing stones at her, but Jesus offers his love and his forgiveness to her instead: the act of mercy goes beyond one’s sins. Jesus indeed forgives the woman, but condemns her sin, so that she could find her way to penance and understand the importance of not making the same mistake again.

Limited edition of 99 low reliefs, notarised and exclusive to Patrimoni d’Arte.


  • Material:thala beige.
  • Dimensions:35,5 cm length x 49,5 cm height.
  • Weight 6 kg (13 lbs).
  • The low reliefs have been produced in 2015, on occasion of the Extraordinary Jubilee.
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