Gospel Book of the Duke of Angoulême

Gospel Book of the Duke of Angoulême

Charles Duke of Angoulême was the son of Francis I of France, the great King of the French Renaissance. Under his reign, and thanks to his patronage of arts, great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci had the chance to realise part of their artistic production. This unique manuscript, commissioned by Francis I for his son Charles, is an example of the exceptional artistic production of that period.

Gospel Books consist of texts that are read on Sundays and on religious holidays..

Gospel books are scattered with sacred images, not only for an artistic aim, but for a spiritual and pastoral one too. The extraordinary miniatures in this manuscript are attributed to various French school artists of the beginning of the 16th century: they are 145 miniatures reproducing scenes of the life of Christ, decorated with amazing details and floral elements.

The richness of the illustrations, the value of which is increased by the 22 ct gold print, mirrors the magnificence of the artwork that came out of Francis I’s court – particularly as this work was intended for the son of the king of France.

The reprint of the Gospel Book of the Duke of Angoulême brings together various techniques, from the traditional to the more advanced ones.

The exclusive manufacture of this facsimile edition reproduces exactly the small imperfections and veining of the veal leather that were featuring in the original copy.

The 22 ct gold print was applied in two different phases, giving the manuscript the glory and depth of the original copy.

The seam is entirely handmade with aged hemp rope, using the same technique of four hundred years agoThe final details, also handmade, make this book unique and exclusive.

The 145 miniatures and the hundreds of initial letters, enriched with gold, make this artwork one of the gems of the Gran Reserva of the National Library of Spain,  shelf mark 51..

Edition: Limited edition of 375 numbered and notarised volumes..

  • Origin : France
  • Dating: 16th century.
  • Format: 230 x 160 mm (9 x 6 in)
  • Content: 168 sheets, 145 miniatures in gold print. The volume comes in a stylish case made of the same material of the binding.
  • Language: Latin.
  • Binding: handmade, goat leather, enriched with gold designo.
  • Commentary: made in cooperation with Josefina Planas, respected scholar and teacher of medieval art at the University of Lleida.
  • Collocation: National Library of Spain, kept in the Gran Reserva, shelf mark 51.
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