El Libro d’Ore del Obispo de Morgades

Book of Hours of the Bishop Morgades

The complex spiritual tradition of the 13th century revealed a tendency of the believers to appropriate pious practices usually relegated to priests: this tendency developed in the creation of the Books of Hours. Two items were necessary to achieve the best private devotion conditions: written texts and an iconic counterpart. The Book of Hours of the Bishop Morgades is a great example of the two, as it reunites the distinctive genre features and introduces a new and important one: its iconography is enriched with a series of illustrations taken from other manuscripts.

This manuscript is an artistic anthology of the gold century of European painting and it allows a privileged view of the growth in presence of miniatures. During that period, illustrations started to have a great importance as a complement to the text: this book of hour has an additional two sets of illustrations from different sources, a feature that increases its value..

This manuscript, dating back to the early 1500s, consists of 55 parchment sheets, i.e. 110 illustrated pages:

  • 4 full page miniatures, approx. 1410;
  • 30 full page miniatures, early 1500s;
  • 70 plain text pages with margin decorations.

The original version is kept at the Biblioteca Episcopal de Vic (Spain), shelf mark 88.

In 2010, this book of hours was awarded 2nd place by the Ministry of Culture in the category of Facsimile Editions..

Limited edition of 995 numbered and notarised volumes.




  • Format: 142 mm x 103 mm (5,6 in x 4 in), printed on unique aged parchment paper;
  • Bound in gilt-edged velvet.
  • 110 pages with miniatures of various styles and origin.
  • Volume of historical, artistic and paleographic attention.
  • Unique aged parchment paper.



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