5th Centennial of the Genius da Vinci - low relief with engravings

The main feature of this low relief is Leonardo’s profile, surrounded by a sentence hand-etched by the artist: it is an inscription to Leonardo by Giorgio Vasari, a great artist of the Italian Renaissance. The inscription says: “With his generosity, he’d gather and feed all his friends, poor and rich, as long as they had talent and virtue. His kind heart, so beautiful, would reassure any miserable soul.” The inscription is itself surrounded by engravings that call to mind six among the most important artworks of Leonardo da Vinci: from left to right, the Vitruvian Man, the Great Kite, Leonardo’s horse, the Leonardo’s horse, the revolutionary inventions in war engineering, the Last Supper and his studies on anatomy, which was thought to be Leonardo’s most “obscure” interest.


• Bronze-like low relief in oxidised green gold glaze.
Dimensions 500 mm x 350 mm.
• Patrimoni d’Arte engraved stamp.
Weight: 2,5 kg.
• Limited edition of 49 low reliefs plus 6 ad personam ones with an authentic sanguine proof copy (offered by the artist to Patrimoni d’Arte)

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